Shannon Ford Studio

5555 East Road

I am inspired by people and animals. I have lived on farms and ranches most of my life so I have very often had a close-up view of the lifestyles of our precious wildlife. Often I find these animals that I have gotten to know and understand emerging on my canvas.

Whether painting or sculpting or making jewelry, I integrate semi-precious and precious gemstone, and precious metals. Sometimes I even use "mountain rocks" if they fit the piece intended. I enjoy the journey of each artwork with unexpected colour harmonies, expressive brush strokes, lines, gravity pulled drips and seemingly accidental abstract marks which pull together in a beautiful unexplainable image. By using gemstones, reflection and texture on an actual physical surface, I can create an "indescribable feel" in art that creates something beyond words, engaging the viewer.

Joining Shannon this year is her mother, Marlene Ford. Born in Saskatchewan, Marlene has been a Denman Island resident for four years. She has explored many art mediums over the years including painting, sewing, tatting, pottery and jewelry.

Marlene has an active pottery practice and is focused on form. Her functional pieces include nature motifs and graphic lines. She hand makes her own brushes in order to have unique quality of glaze painting.

Pottery by Marlene Ford

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