Cynthia Minden Studio

9086 Keith Wagner

Cynthia Minden has been curious about sculptural form since starting as a basket-maker in
1987. The journey has led her down many paths, including mixed media, paper-making, book arts, nature-based sculpture and collage.

Her work has been exhibited at galleries and expositions across North America and has been featured in several publications. She has taught workshops for guilds, art schools and symposiums.

Living rurally for the past 35 years, Minden’s life has been intertwined with donkeys! She has spent years studying positive reinforcement training and equine facilitated wellness and is a certified professional through the Professional Association for Equine Facilitated Wellness. She combines her skills as an artist and educator to offer sessions that include nature, donkeys and creative exploration.

Her studio is filled with sculpture, mobiles and mixed media, crafted with a plethora of materials including paper, reed, twigs, rocks, found objects and gathered natural materials.

More of Cynthia's basketry, sculpture & mixed media can be found here. and her work with Equine Facilitated Wellness can be found here.