Jenn Gosse and Laura Pope

2157 North Central Road

Jenn Gosse: Self taught, ever evolving best describes Jenn in her gracious gravity creations! Mixed media (acrylics, ink, pastels and resins) on perfectly imperfect surfaces. Inspired by cycles found both in life and the natural world, Jenn is ever grateful for the 2 and the 4 leggeds in her life. While her goddess moons continue to inspire and evolve, abstracts leaning to the ocean and landscapes also are a current focus.

Laura Pope: Drawing is second nature to me. I can’t remember when I did not have a pencil in my hand. Painting pushes me into new creative territory. Changing imagination and observation into something physical is an endlessly challenging and fascinating process. 

I am mostly self-taught. I have done short courses and workshops over the years that have helped round out my skills. I work with oils, acrylics and multi-media, with a special love for gold and copper foils. These paintings represent the last few years of exploring: technique, mediums and styles. I am a long time resident of Denman. I live on a lovely farm surrounded by nature and animals. I plied the waters of Baynes Sound for 27 years on the M.V. Quinitsa.