Lilac Sun Pottery

3311 Denman Road

Clay allows me to create with texture, colour and oodles of shapes.
I love to see where " What If " experimenting will take me and the clay.
Nature always inspires me with its constant changes of textures, form and colours.

I fire my pottery pieces using 3 separate methods:
* Smoke Firing - In a stacked brick kiln, layers of sawdust, branches, dried plants, kindling, and newspaper are placed on the bottom layer. Then my pots are, nestled in, along with sprinkles of salt, colourants, seaweed and various materials that contain minerals and salts. The top layer of kindling is set aflame and the contents burn and smoulder for a few hours or so. Results are mottled grey to black surfaces with flashes of red, orange, yellow and blue on the surfaces of the pots.

* Wood Firing - Placed in Gordon Hutchens firewood burning Anagama Kiln, my pottery pieces will collect wood ash on their surfaces during the 3 day firing and then this ash will melt forming a glaze on the pots. Luscious shades of salmon, green, yellow and toasty browns will grace their surfaces.

* Digital Electric Kiln- My Stoneware pottery pieces are glazed in vibrant turquoise, green, gold, purple, chocolate brown, opalescence and other colour combinations. I also melt Beach Glass on wee dishes, pendants and ring holders.

I love creating one of a kind, textured pieces, that put a sprinkling of delight in your day.